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​​WELCOME to the TCRP website. Our goal continues to be the timely dissemination of TCRP reports, products, and information for awareness and use by public transportation stakeholders.

You can check our site for the latest TCRP Publications, Industry Announcements, Conferences TCRP will be attending, Information about our Ambassador Program, our current Ambassadors, and how to apply.


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The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) host Peer Calls every other month on a particular topic in rural and tribal transit to facilitate information sharing and discussion of mutual issues and solutions.  Click here ( to find out more and to register for upcoming Peer Calls.



Latest Publications

Addressing Difficult Customer Situations
Report Number: S-127
This report explores issues surrounding difficult customers or passengers and the variety of circumstances that can arise when they utilize transit system facilities or vehicles. The report identifies current practices used by transit agencies to prevent, prepare for, and deal with these incidents.
Print copy not available
Manual to Improve Rail Transit Safety at Platform/Vehicle and Platform/Guideway Interfaces
Report Number: R-189
This report provides treatment strategies to prevent incidents and improve safety at platform/guideway and platform/vehicle interfaces. The research focused on rail transit systems with level or near level boarding where the vehicle floors are level or near level with the platform.
Print copy not available
Successful Practices and Training Initiatives to Reduce Bus Accidents and Incidents at Transit Agencies
Report Number: S-126
This report documents current practices and training initiatives, including bus operator training and retraining programs that have been effective in reducing accidents and incidents at transit agencies. The study also focuses on other system approaches that have been implemented to address safety hazards. These approaches include various technology applications, infrastructure modifications, and programs and initiatives such as driver incentive programs and close call/near miss reporting.
Print copy not available
Planning and Design for Fire and Smoke Incidents in Underground Passenger Rail Systems
Report Number: S-124
This report documents the state-of-the-practice to address fire and smoke incidents. Fires in underground passenger rail tunnels require implementation of different measures in order to provide safety for the passengers and ensure structural and system integrity of the facilities and operating infrastructure. The publication addresses planning, design, and operations to address fire and smoke incidents, and identifies current practices including lessons learned, challenges, and gaps in information.
Guide to Value Capture Financing for Public Transportation Projects
Report Number: R-190
This report identifies the requirements necessary for successful value creation through transportation infrastructure investment and capturing a portion of that value through specific value capture mechanisms. It includes six case studies that provide practical examples of successful value capture from public transportation investments.
Print copy not available
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