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WELCOME to the TCRP website. Our goal continues to be the timely dissemination of TCRP reports, products, and information for awareness and use by public transportation stakeholders.

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The Transit Cooperative Reseach Program supports the 11th Annual National Dump the Pump Day! We encourage you to help promote clear air quality by riding public transportation!

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) host Peer Calls every other month on a particular topic in rural and tribal transit to facilitate information sharing and discussion of mutual issues and solutions.  Click here ( to find out more and to register for upcoming Peer Calls.


Latest Publications

Economic Impact Case Study Tool for Transit
Report Number: R-186
The report is a pre-publication, non-edited version.  It presents the results of a project aimed at creating the prototype for a searchable, web-based database of public transit investment projects and their associated, transit-driven economic and land development outcomes. This information is intended to inform future planning efforts for transit-related projects, and to support better multi-modal planning.
This TCRP project builds upon a database established for highway projects under TRB’s second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) called Transportation Project Impact Case Studies (TPICS). The purpose of TPICS is to provide transportation planners with a consistent base of data on actual, documented economic and land development impacts of completed transit-related investments, along with descriptions of the nature and associated factors of the impact.
The report covers the design and development of the case study database and web tool, and includes a set of seven prototype case studies. The web tool and prototype cases can be found at
Print copy not available
Transit Supportive Parking Policies and Programs
Report Number: S-122

This report documents transit agency parking policies and parking management at transit stations using three primary resources: a scan of current research on transit supportive parking policies, an original survey distributed to a sample of transit agencies, and several brief agency profiles based on interviews and existing available data. Participating transit agencies represent a broad spectrum of service type, jurisdiction, ridership, mode, types of parking, and parking policy.

Print copy not available
Bus Operator Workstation Design for Improving Occupational Health and Safety
Report Number: R-185
This report is a pre-publication, non-edited draft.  It provides guidance to transit agencies and bus manufacturers as they integrate emerging technologies into current procurement practices and improve bus operator workstation design across the transit industry.
 The research produced practical guidance documents and tools applicable to the procurement process and bus design, including a suggested procurement process and strategies for transit agencies to develop, train, and support a bus procurement team; training for the procurement team, including an ergonomics training module for bus operators; guidelines to update TCRP Report 25: Bus Operator Workstation Evaluation and Design Guidelines; and a digital model of a bus operator workstation that may be used by designers and transit agencies to develop specifications.
Print copy not available
Use of Automotive Service Excellence Tests Within Transit
Report Number: S-120
This report documents how the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) program is accepted and used within the transit bus maintenance community. The ASE program is nationally recognized as the standard industry credential provider for automotive professionals. The report explores how a cross section of transit bus maintenance personnel view the ASE certification program and summarizes their perspectives to improve ASE certification acceptance and participation.  To obtain a hard copy of this report click the link.
Print copy not available
Use of Taxis in Public Transportation for People with Disabilities and Older Adults
Report Number: S-119
This report summarizes how taxis may be used by public transportation agencies to provide disabled or older adults with greater mobility and access to their destinations. The report also identifies potential advantages and challenges that public transportation agencies may face when using taxis. To obtain a hard copy of this report click the link
Print copy not available
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