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Customer Satisfaction Index for the Mass Transit Industry
Customer Satisfaction Index for the Mass Transit Industry
Report Number: IDEA-01
A Transit IDEA product report, "Customer Satisfaction Index Developed and Trial Tested in Five Transit Districts to Provide Uniform Yardstick for Measuring and Comparing Customer Satisfaction with Mass Transit," was released in June 1995. The project tested the application of a customer satisfaction index (CSI) process in five selected cities, i.e., Akron, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Portland, and developed guidelines for nationwide adoption of the method. Stage 1 activity established the applicability of the CSI method to monitor and improve transit customer satisfaction for five individual transit agencies through trial data collection and refinement of the CSI process. About 1,000 telephone interviews were conducted in the five test cities. The data were analyzed to determine factors that most influence overall customer satisfaction and to establish the weight of each factor. The analysis identified factors most closely related to overall satisfaction for bus service, light rail, and heavy rail transit. In Stage 2, application of the CSI method in the five test cities was analyzed and assessed. The performance of each individual transit agency based on the factors that most influence customer satisfaction was evaluated.

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