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Wheelchair Restraint System
Report Number: IDEA-07
Because of progress made in successfully testing a prototype, a Transit IDEA product report was published. This project designed and tested a preproduction prototype wheelchair restraint system with pneumatically activated pillows, which are compatible for use with transit vehicles including buses and commuter cars. In Stage 1, the design of the prototype wheelchair system for laboratory testing was completed, and a review of commercially available restraint systems was conducted. Twenty different makes and models of wheelchairs were measured to determine the variation in length, height, depth of the side profile, and range of wheelchair widths that should be accommodated by the wheelchair restraint system. Several preliminary designs for the restraint system were developed and evaluated. In Stage 2, the preproduction prototype wheelchair system was completed. Static laboratory testing was conducted to evaluate performance, test data was reviewed, and the design was revised to conform to SAE load-design criteria. Provisions were made in the design for retrofitting collapsible wheelchairs that are currently marketed.

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