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Real-Time Transit Data Broadcast
Real-Time Transit Data Broadcast
Report Number: IDEA-08
The project tested a personal receiver and transit broadcast software system to provide a working broadcast data stream and deliver real time-to-arrival information to transit passengers. The project was performed in three stages. In Stage 1, assumptions on route design, signage, and Telebus numbers were collected and analyzed using Winnipeg, Canada, as a sample city. A software systems description to program a computer to function as the Transporter was written. The user interface of the Transporter was changed from a more standard keyboard to a menu interface with a significantly reduced keyboard. A computer was purchased and an FM subcarrier PCMCIA receiver card was installed for receiving data broadcast. The Transporter requirement was aligned to match with data broadcasting requirements. Stage 2 was completed for modeling, building, and testing the prototype of the broadcast software using simple bench setups. A transit status information system consisting of a palm top receiver and bench set-up transmitter was developed and tested. A real-time broadcast software operation was examined. Work in Stage 3 estimated the functionality and effectiveness of a working transit route information system by performing comparative customer-service evaluations using selected groups of transit users and nonusers.
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