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Instant Rent-A-Car (IRAC) Technology Applied to Transit Station Car Practice
Report Number: IDEA-14
This project was carried out in cooperation with BART and cost shared with the ITS-IDEA program. The project tested a successful ITS-IDEA concept that demonstrated the feasibility of using ITS fleet management technology to field a low-overhead rental car system to facilitate access to BART stations. The in-vehicle electronics package from the ITS-IDEA project was redesigned and installed on 8 Pivco Citibee electric vehicles. These were known as "station cars" or "Instant Rent-A-Cars" (IRACs). Various in-vehicle electronic configurations were tested for reliability and cost-effectiveness. The Teletrac communication and vehicle tracking package was eventually selected for the final tests and an Internet site was established to facilitate reservations. Data analysis of BART ridership was performed and subscribers were recruited from among commuters to selected local workplaces to test the system. Results were evaluated and a final report delivered.

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