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Transit Restraint System for Wheel Chairs
Transit Restraint System for Wheel Chairs
Report Number: IDEA-16
This project designed and tested an occupant restraint system with anchor locations in close proximity to a wheelchair seat on public transit vehicles for increasing safety and reducing time spent on fastening restraint systems. Design criteria were verified and design concepts, based on those criteria, were developed. Data on occupant restraint usage patterns and preferences were collected through "potential customer" surveys. Additional data on usage patterns and preferences were obtained from the system's end users. Vehicle operators and wheelchair transit customers were surveyed to identify functional capabilities of individuals in wheelchairs. The data were used to set design limits for the reach and the access for independent restraint application by wheelchair users. Based on collected data, an alternate design was developed for anchor points. However, complications were encountered because of unanticipated interference with vehicle seat layout and locating suitable hydraulic dampening systems. Consequently, a new restraint storage mode was discovered. The feasibility model retains the adjustability of the hydraulic dampers, the security of mechanical locks, the inconspicuous storage and foldability under the flip-up seat and in the edge of the modesty panel.

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