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State Limitations on Tort Liability of Public Transit Operations
State Limitations on Tort Liability of Public Transit Operations
Report Number: LRD-03
This digest contains a report prepared under TCRP Project J-5, Legal Aspects of Transit and Intermodal Transportation Programs, for which the Transportation Research Board is the agency conducting the research. The report, which has the same title as this digest and is authored by Larry W. Thomas, is organized as follows: (I) Introduction; (II) State and Local Immunity Statutes in Relation to Public Transit Agencies; (III) Substantive Limitations on Tort Actions Against Public Transit Agencies; (IV) Discussion of the Governmental- Proprietary Test of Immunity; (V) Duty and Degree of Care Owed to the Traveling Public; (VI) Procedural Limitations on Actions or Recoveries in Tort Against Public Transit Agencies; (VII) Other Matters of Interest to Public Transit Agencies (A. Transit Agency's Compliance with Federal and State Laws and Regulations and B. Significance of Insurance Coverage in Tort Actions); (VIII) Changes in the Law That Would Reduce Tort Liability; and (IX) Conclusion.

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