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Legal Issues Associated with Intermodalism
Report Number: LRD-05
This digest contains a report prepared under TCRP Project J-5, Legal Aspects of Transit and Intermodal Transportation Programs, for which the Transportation Research Board is the agency coordinating the research. The report, which has the same title as this digest and is authored by Russell Leibson and William Penner, is organized as follows: (A) Background and Purpose of the Study; (B) How the Study Was Conducted; (C) Survey Results (1-Survey Respondents' Definition of Intermodalism, 2-Survey Respondents' Ratings of Some Problems Associated with Intermodalism, and 3-Conclusions Based on Survey Responses); (D) Legal Issues Associated with Intermodalism (1-Funding Issues, 2-Regulations Regarding Freight Carriers, 3-Environmental Restrictions, 4-Zoning, Land Use, and Noise Restrictions, and 5-Labor Laws and Standards); (E) Conclusion; Appendix A--Bibliography; Appendix B--Intermodalism Survey Form; and Appendix C--Selected Survey Respondents' Definitions of Intermodalism.

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