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Aids for Rail Car Side-Door Observation
Aids for Rail Car Side-Door Observation
Report Number: R-004
Ensuring that rail car doors are clear before closing and train station departure has always been a significant safety issue in daily mass transit operations. Various approaches exist for performing side-door observation. These approaches range from the use of strictly manual procedures implemented by one or more persons to the use of automated observation aid devices specifically designed for the purpose. This report presents the findings of a research program designed to: a) evaluate current door observation practices and procedures and assess how they relate to transit property characteristics, such as facilities, vehicle configurations, and operating procedures; b) identify the range and scope of existing observation aids and assess their merits relative to their specific applications; c) identify promising observation technologies and define conceptual observation aids based on them; and d) develop guidelines for transit system use in the selection and implementation of observation aids for their specific application

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