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Guidelines for Transit Facility Signing and Graphics
Guidelines for Transit Facility Signing and Graphics
Report Number: R-012
This report documents and presents the results of a research project to develop a graphics design manual describing the use of signs and symbols which provide for the safe, secure, and efficient movement of passengers to and through transit facilities. During the course of this 18-month project, existing signs and symbols were reviewed worldwide; compliance with ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) was determined for existing signs; new signs and symbols were developed in five functional categories, namely, Identification, Directional, Processing, Regulatory, and Warning; the key signs were tested by focus groups representing major types of disability, as well as transit users and non-users; a standard design manual of signs and symbols was developed that could be used by transit agencies nationwide; and a plan was developed to achieve maximum dissemination of the guidelines nationwide to transit entities.

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