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Wheel/Rail Noise Control Manual
Wheel/Rail Noise Control Manual
Report Number: R-023
This manual will be of interest to engineers responsible for wheel/rail noise control in the design, construction, and operation of rail transit systems. It provides practical step-by-step procedures for identifying wheel/rail noise control technologies with demonstrated effectiveness. Procedures are included for identifying wheel/rail noise sources, developing mitigation designs, and estimating probable costs and effectiveness. The manual covers noise generated on tangent track, curved track, and special trackwork. Mitigation measures include onboard, track, and wayside treatments. Accompanying the manual is a user-friendly software package that assists in identifying appropriate noise mitigation techniques for various types of wheel/rail noise. The user is presented with several screens to navigate a decision tree until a set of possible mitigation options is reached. Several sound clips are included to assist the user in determining the type of noise that most closely resembles that which is to be controlled. The software package also provides several calculation worksheets to estimate life-cycle costs and expected noise attenuation for various mitigation measures. The manual is presented in the following ten chapters: (1) Introduction; (2) Fundamentals of Acoustics; (3) Design Guidelines; (4) Wheel/Rail Noise Generation; (5) Selection of Noise Control Treatment; (6) Cost Analysis; (7) Onboard Treatments; (8) Trackwork Treatments; (9) Wayside Treatments; and (10) Rail Corrugation Control.

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