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Passenger Information Services: A Guidebook for Transit Systems
Passenger Information Services: A Guidebook for Transit Systems
Report Number: R-045
This guidebook will be of interest to marketing and graphics professionals, customer service personnel, schedulers, transit planners, operating staff, and others who need to be conversant with the design, distribution, and placement of passenger information materials for public transit systems. This guidebook provides instructions for designing passenger information aids. The research focused on traditional media (e.g., schedules, maps, and signage) for presentation of information. The guidebook consists of three sections. The first section addresses the basic information needs of transit passengers, including wayfinding behavior and decision making during a trip. The second section describes route guidance information and, where appropriates, provides examples to illustrate this information. The third section discusses the design and format details for information aids (e.g., print sizes, visual contrast, use of color and symbols, and map legends).

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