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Low Cost and Cost-Effective Marketing Techniques for Public Transit Agencies
Low Cost and Cost-Effective Marketing Techniques for Public Transit Agencies
Report Number: R-050
Marketing plays a critical role in assisting transit agencies in attracting new riders, retaining existing ones, and ensuring support from the community at-large. To maximize its effectiveness, marketing must be viewed as a comprehensive process through which transit agencies develop and provide transit service and communicate the benefits to their employees, patrons, and the general public. TCRP Report #50 "A Handbook of Proven Marketing Strategies for Public Transit," a "how-to" handbook for selecting and implementing marketing techniques and strategies at transit agencies identifies and describes low-cost and cost-effective marketing techniques currently used at large, medium, and small, urban and rural transit agencies throughout the transit industry. The complete range of low-cost marketing activities includes traditional, broad marketing activities such as pricing, promotions, advertising, planning, and service delivery targeted at specific sub-markets. A method was developed to define the criteria that would be used to assess and select creative and promising marketing techniques. A general overview of each strategy is provided.
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