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Making Transportation Tunnels Safe and Secure
Making Transportation Tunnels Safe and Secure
Report Number: R-086 Volume 12
This report is designed to provide transportation tunnel owners and operators with guidelines for protecting their tunnels by minimizing the damage potential from extreme events such that, if damaged, they may be returned to full functionality in relatively short periods.  This report will be of interest to tunnel authorities, state and local transportation departments, other agencies responsible for tunnel operation and maintenance, enforcement personnel and first responders responsible for tunnel safety and security, and tunnel designers.  The objective of this report is to provide safety and security guidelines for owners and operators of transportation tunnels to use in identifying (1) principal vulnerabilities of tunnels to various hazards and threats; (2) potential physical countermeasures; (3) potential operational countermeasures; and (4) deployable, integrated systems for emergency-related command, control, communications, and information.

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