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Land Use and Site Design
Land Use and Site Design
Report Number: R-095 Chapter 15
Transportation, acting  through enhanced accessibility, is a long acknowledge influence in the shaping of cities and the determination of land development potential.  The reverse, however, the impact of land use decisions on transportation outcomes, has only gradually achieved recognition.  It is these reverse impacts of interest in the treatment of land use and site design options as "transportation" strategies, a facet of "smart growth" that provides the impetus for this chapter.  This chapter provides information on what is known or surmised about the relationships between land use/site design and travel behavior.  This chapter summarizes key reasons why planners and decisionmakers view the land-use transportation connection as important; charaterizes the types of strategies of concern to transportation analysts, and relate them to elements of land use and site design; identify analytic approaches that have been used to examine the transportation-land use link, and offer guidance as to their reliability.  This report will be of interest to transit, transportation, and land use planning practitioners; educators and researchers; and professionals across a broad spectrum of transportation and planning agencies, MPOs, and local, state, and federal government agencies.

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