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Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook, Third Edition
Report Number: R-095 Chapter 16
This report examines pedestrian and bicyclist behavior and travel demand outcomes in a relatively broad sense. It covers traveler response to non-motorized transportation (NMT) facilities both in isolation and as part of the total urban fabric, along with the effects of associated programs and promotion. Additionally, it looks not only at transportation outcomes, but also recreational and public health outcomes. The report focuses on travel behavior and public health implications of pedestrian/bicycle area-wide systems; NMT-link facilities such as sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and on-transit accommodation of bicycles; and node-specific facilities such as street-crossing treatments, bicycle parking, and showers. And, it includes discussion of the implications of pedestrian and bicycle “friendly” neighborhoods, policies, programs, and promotion. This report is complemented by illustrative photographs provided as a “Photo Gallery” at the conclusion of the report, and PowerPoint slides of the photographs are available for download.

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