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Waste Control Practices at Bus Maintenance Facilities
Waste Control Practices at Bus Maintenance Facilities
Report Number: S-009
This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency general managers, as well as to personnel in operations, maintenance, and environmental departments. It will also be of interest to environmental agency officials, equipment suppliers, consultants, and others concerned with bus maintenance and fueling operations, planning, and design. This synthesis explores waste management practices employed in bus maintenance and fueling operations and it identifies some successful practices that are being employed to reduce or eliminate waste. This report of the Transportation Research Board strives to familiarize transit agency staff with federal and state environmental regulations involving wastes generated by bus maintenance activities. Complying with these regulations and local guidelines that may also apply can be confusing and costly, but failing to comply may lead to administrative, civil, or criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment. An equally powerful force pushing agency managers to move in the direction of waste minimization is the opportunity to generate significant cost savings.

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