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Changing Roles and Practices of Bus Field Supervisors
Changing Roles and Practices of Bus Field Supervisors
Report Number: S-016
This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency general managers, personnel, human resources and training staffs, bus operations staffs, as well as to other transportation, human resources, and training professionals. The roles and responsibilities of bus field supervisors are addressed, including emerging concerns about how to improve the relationship between supervisors and bus operators, while placing supervisors in a more positive role; how to obtain a greater return from employee productivity with tightening budgets and declining ridership; and how to improve customer service. This report of the Transportation Research Board provides information about current and innovative supervisory practices at selected transit agencies. It covers information about the expectations that organizations have for their supervisors; recruitment and selection; training; new or revised regulations; and the perceived impacts of new technologies at some transit agencies

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