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Transit-Focused Development
Transit-Focused Development
Report Number: S-020
This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency general managers, their planning, operations, and other development-orientated staffs, as well as to various stakeholders in the community development process. It offers information on a variety of municipalities' and transit agencies' attitudes toward the built environment around rail stations. Policy and implementation issues, completed and unimplemented projects are discussed. Administrators, practitioners, and researchers are continually faced with issues or problems on which there is much information, either in the form of reports or in terms of undocumented experience and practice. Unfortunately, this information often is scattered or not readily available in the literature, and as a consequence, in seeking solutions, full information on what has been learned about an issue or problem is not assembled. The report clearly defines public policy and action frameworks used to support transit-focused development. It illustrates some key ingredients to effect positive change in the built environment. This synthesis is an immediately useful document that records practices that were acceptable within the limitations of the knowledge available can be expected to be added to that now in hand.

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