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Paratransit Contracting and Service Delivery Methods
Paratransit Contracting and Service Delivery Methods
Report Number: S-031
This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency general managers, their special services planning staffs, as well as to any others dealing with transit agencies' provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit services. It offers information from selected transit agencies about the operational practices used to provide ADA paratransit services and identifies factors perceived by transit personnel to have influenced the selection of service delivery methodology. It focuses on the state of the practice in paratransit contracting and service delivery methods to comply with ADA paratransit provisions. This report of the Transportation Research Board was designed to provide insight on the range of contracting experiences to date, as well as on the range of agency assessments of efficiency and effectiveness of contract arrangements and of the factors influencing methodology selection.

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