Diane Corral-Lopez

Deputy Executive Officer, Operations
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Los Angeles, California

As Metro's Deputy Executive Officer, a position Ms. Corral-Lopez has held since May 2010, she is responsible for the financial management and administrative services of Metro’s daily operations. The department has a $1.3 billion budget and 7,500 employees. It operates approximately 200 bus routes serving a 1,433 square mile service area as well as a subway and light rail lines that crisscross Los Angeles County.

Diane Corral-Lopez began her career with Metro, the nation’s third largest transportation agency, in 1996 and has worked in a variety of departments including the Chief Executive Office, Administration, Human Resources, Organizational Development & Training and Transit Operations. Prior to working at Metro, she worked for the County of Los Angeles and the City of Pasadena.

Ms. Corral-Lopez has an extensive commitment to public service. She is active in her community, a member of the Women’s Transportation Seminar, a committee member on the California Transportation Association, a mentor and volunteer. Her continued involvement in the public sector both personally and professionally on diverse levels have been an extremely gratifying experience.

Ms. Corral-Lopez earned a BA in Political Science from California State University Northridge and a MPA from the University of Southern California.