Sandip Sen

Coordinator, Planning Infrastructure
Fort Worth Transportation Authority
Fort Worth, TX
As a planning coordinator at Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T), I bring almost fifteen years of design and planning experience to the Transit and Urban design Industry. For the past six years at The T, I have worked on long and short range plans which includes Service planning, ridership analysis and developing The T’s strategic plans, developed station designs, TOD designs and Park-N-Ride designs of the Tex Rail and Trinity Railway Express project, worked with City of Fort Worth on Bike-Pedestrian plans, urban village plans and Intelligent Transportation System Program, worked with MS Access, Trapeze and GIS software to develop Bus Network and amenities database files and worked as a project manager in various Infrastructure installation and construction projects.
Prior to working at The T, I worked as a Planner in Hidalgo County MPO for a year and also worked eight years as a Senior Architect and Architect in India and Sultanate of Oman on both macro and micro level planning and design. During this tenure I had the opportunity to work on urban public projects which were important city making and community building efforts. For my urban design work I received encomium from “His Highness” and “His Excellency’s” in Sultanate of Oman.
I have a Master’s Degree in Planning from the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Bengal Engineering College (DU), Howrah, India. I was endowed with Midwest Section - Texas APA Student Project Award in 2006 for developing Bus Transit System in the City of McAllen, Texas. My interests are in Sustainable Planning, Transit and Rail Planning and TOD planning. I enjoy presenting and talking to group of people. My association with the T-Toasters has helped me immensely in cultivating and honing my public speaking skills and I got selected in Toastmaster International as District 25, Area 44 Governor.